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Professional Composting Services in Whatcom County, WA

Don't throw away your food scraps or yard waste. Turn it into compost for your lawn or garden! At Green Earth Technology in Lynden, WA, we offer professional composting services to the residents of Whatcom County and surrounding areas.

DID YOU KNOW? 25% of the materials that go to the landfill would be excellent candidates for composting. By choosing to compost, you are not only reducing waste that would otherwise go to the landfill. You are also creating a nutrient-rich soil additive that helps plants grow!

Our composting facility diverts over 20,000 tons of materials from the Whatcom area landfill every year. Bring us your compost materials or buy our pre-made compost mixes to start properly nurturing your lawn or garden today!


Get A Healthy Lawn With Quality Compost

Green Earth Technology offers many types of soil and compost mixes. Ask about our GET Compost, NW Compost, Two Way Topsoil, GET Soil, 50:50 Mix, Lawn & Garden Mix, or Planting Mix. We'll help you choose the soil or compost product that best fits your needs.

Bring Us your Food Scraps or Yard Waste

Bring us your food scraps, grass clippings, brush or other yard waste to be composted. Charges for dropping materials off at Green Earth Technology are only $0.022 per pound!
Contact Green Earth Technology in Lynden, Washington to learn more about our composting services today!
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