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What We Compost in Whatcom County, WA

What We Compost Ad
Green Earth Technology composts most organic materials. Yard waste including brush, grass, leaves and weeds are good for composting. We also compost food scraps and compostable food papers/packaging.

  • If food papers have foil or plastic on them, we cannot accept them.
  • If an item is “biodegradable,” it may not necessarily be compostable. Please check with us if you question whether a product is compostable.

Knowing if a plastic product is compostable can be challenging. If there is any doubt, its better not to send it. Without clear labelling, we can't differentiate compostable products from those that aren't. When we doubt, we throw it out – so your costly liner may be going to the landfill.

We encourage using products other than plastic. Reusable liners or newspaper layered at the bottom of your container are ways to eliminate the need for plastic liners. Consider simply washing your container out periodically instead. Any compostable plastics must meet ASTM 9000 standards. Look for this on the label.


ASTM 9000 Compost Labels

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